Adapting To ’70s Interior Design Update

In the 1970s there was some definite modernisation of the domestic family home.   Gone were old fashioned furnishing ideas that had governed houses for generations.  A bright new zingy colour palette with up to date materials was here and many young aspiring families embraced it.   As did our neighbours.  Young couple with two toddlers.   Money was always tight but Barbara wasn’t going to let that get in the way of their being the most modern and with it family in our cul de sac.    The old three piece suite was disposed of for a supremely modern black ‘faux leather’ set from a habitat lookalike store.  The potted plants were also modernised for huge floor to ceiling cheese plants and sweeping leafed exhibits stood in massive glazed pots.   The floral curtains gave way to modern, sleek venetian blinds.   This all lasted just over a  year – until Doug decided he couldn’t stand the discomfort of that sofa or the fact it couldn’t take the wear and tear that children and two labradors gave it!

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