Auction Purchase Heading For Major Heartbreak

I was listening to a couple of acquaintances whilst out on dog walkies.  The ladies ahead of me were making the most of being allowed to walk out with a pal.  One ha been doing her house up and going from room to room as the finances allowed.   She was highly exited about a ‘bargain of a lifetime’ she’d bought on a certain popular auction site.    She dropped this in amongst more sensible and everyday purchases that had not sounded at all exciting amd therefore did not take up a second’s extra thought from me/  She had apparently bought herself a Ray Eames chair and foot stool.  Well this is very likely not going to worry her that what she gets is defiitely not likely to be a genuine chair.  They are very much cloned in the far east and it would be virtually impossible to get a genuine one without needing to take out a small mortgage.    The ebay purchase cheered her though and I guess you never know!

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