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Autumn Birthday Helps Prepare For Christmas Frenzy

I am just now getting the idea that Christmas is fast approaching.  I have the advantage of having a birthday in autumn – this always used to be a critical marker in our family calender.  First my birthday, then halloween, swiftly followed by Bonfiere night.  Part of this family tradition involved going from door to door with our home made guy on an orange box trolly.  Very profitable it used to be too!   Anyhow, it being only 8 weeks from Christmas by the time the last firework had banged its way up to heaven, our family then went into full present and food organising mode.  These days I still note those same celebratory dates but start my online gift sourcing.  Absolute heaven these days – I can surf in my own time each evening, and choosing the right gift for the right person is now a joy rather than an exhausting and frustrating traipse around the local high street!