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Calmness Restored With Organised Shopping

When you’re very busy, for example now when it’s height of summer and we’re all trying to get work done and out of the way so we can watch tennis, or cricket.  It’s not easy to try and get everything done absolutely brilliantly.  My young neighbour has the right idea.  She works more than part time but slightly less than full time.  She also has two young children at school and a husband who works in the City – going off at just gone 6am and not retrning until gone 7pm.

The way this family sorts out their priorities is to order literally everything online.  They know at the start of the month exactly what they need for gifts, party attendances, sports fees and equipment.  Then the list starts to include household shopping.  All of it organised via the internet.  It has been a complete revolution and a source of relaxation to even the most anxious housewife!