Changing Homewares To Suit The Seasons

When I was growing up we  used to always make a big deal of the changeover from summer to autumn and again from winter into spring.  Mum would change the curtains and bedding from light to dark and so on.   This went for our clothes too – the massive metal trunk would be brought down from the loft and the winter set would be aired and tried on for size and old stuff replaced as needed.  I used to find it strange that other families did not follow this tradition, and was even more surprised that they did not have separate sets of homewares for winter and summer.  It may have been a space issue but we always had chunkier, heavier crockery in winter, especially around the festive season – special sets were dug out for that excitement.  These habits helped us to appreciate the changing seasons. I see these still in the stores now and wonder how many families change over as a traditional thing, there’s so much available in good interior design and decorating studios, ideas come thick and fast!

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