As I am about to embark on one of life’s anxiety raising enterprises, having a new kitchen installed, I am reminded of how old the rest of my wares are.    As I now know from my delightful neighbours who had not only had a new kitchen, but infact a complete enlargement of the downstairs of the house – incorporating a swish new kitchen and living area.  They realised that they could no longer keep the beloved old saucepan set they’d had as a wedding present – it was battered and scraped . . . .  and in fact entirely the wrong colour to go with the new scheme.  Once they started weeding out the old and now suddenly unloved implements, the list grew and grew – rather like Topsy.  I have much the same scenario facing me.  Al my kitchen appliances, cookware and crockery are at least 40 years old – some inherited from well meaning family. . . . .  Time for the sentimentality to go as I’m going to really splash out whilst updating my modus operandi!

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