Kitchens With More Than A Country & Nature Theme

I’ve been venturing out doing something that to me,  only other people ever do.   I’ve actually found my way around the local kitchen emporium.  There’s a fantastic new one at a beautifully laid out shopping and nature development just outside my very town.  Their show room is a breathtaking;  they’ve set out to display the more earthy and natural coloured product range so fashionable now.  It’s quite a concept being able to go to look for the essential new cabinet and worktops that will enhance our house, whilst being able to see all the beauty that’s around – that part is free gratis!  It’s ages since I moved into my house – nearly twenty years in fact.  All the kitchen is tired and very worn out now.  Each section of the worktop has now worn away and the cupboards have chips on the corners.   Having a professional kitchen designer show the potential of my space, clicking here and there dropping in cabinets and hobs.  CAD is an amzing tool !

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