I was visiting a very good friend recently – she lives in an unusual self designed and built villa in a sunny island in the Med.   Much of her place would be considered quirky now, twenty five years on.  It must have been thought extremely bonkers at the time,  Her husband did plaster ‘clouds’ into the ceilings downstairs painted the non cloud sections various shades of sky blue – some pale, some bright azure.  The clouds themselves remain the fluffy white of his desire.    All this wouldn’t seem so odd in a gorgeous location like that, looking out over their equally unique swimming pool area.  However, instead of wonderfully modern and exciting furniture and furnishings to match, they have a dreadfully borning bulk standard beige floral patterned sofa & armchair.  The coffee table and dining suite in the upper section are as uninteresting –  table, 6 matching dining chairs and a very long sideboard in oak by a well known manufaturer.  Not unlike back home in England.   Hmmmm. . . . The design fairy was having a day off when that lot got ordered obviously!

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