Showhomes Raising The Interior Decor Bar

I have been fascinated by the huge number of new housing developmemnt popping up all around the small industrial town I call home.   At every corner between the major arterial road network we see small outcrops.  The developers have only been able to buy up those small hard to manage plots rather than massive chunks of the green farm fields.   The houses going up reflect the more affluent end of the property market – very much the ‘hunting, shooting & horsey’ brigade are the hoped for target buyer.   It seems to be working.  The first few of the newest estate of five bedroomed luxury executive homes are most definitely better heeled than the usual first time buyer.  These properties are aimed at those who have had their first time buuyer thrill and now need to move on and up in the social pecking order.   The interior decor of these new houses is stunning – the show homes are a thrill to look round.  The latest trends are reflected and each example is pored over by hundreds of envious couples each weekend!

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