Softly Softly On Those Memory Foam Pillows

Some nights it can seem impossible to get to sleep – lots of thoughts going through the brain all at the same time.  Then in the small wee hours you find a need to pop to the bathroom.  Back you trudge and just an hour before the alarm goes off, you fall into that bizarre dream mode.    I too often woke in the early hours only to settle down again for a comfy snooze and fall into the deepest sleep possible.   It can be so difficult to rouse oneself when the alarm shrieks.  The comfort of a really good matress on an equally good bed base cannot be under estimated.  The pillows are as critical for me.  I have a pair of memory foam pillows that I struggled to use for several years – then in a shopping trip I found two soft pillows – I put these on top of the rock hard memory foams and oh my goodness . . .  I have the moon and stars all in one – the comfort level is soooo fantastic!

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