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Time To Organise The Gift And Shopping Operation

There are just so many things that need doing in any one month.  From the end of Christmas and the New Year festivities, there are school holidays to think about –  is there enough parental cover in place for the non school days, are there any school trips to be catered for.   Is anyone due to go on scout / guide camps etc etc.  The list does seem rather overwhelming at times.

Then the present and gift buying operation takes on a life of its own too.  Usually planted firmly in the Mum/Wife section of the domestic task allocation.   To be sorted out and arranged as if by magic inbetween sourcing school/scout/guide uniforms and equipment lists and endless  healthy and nutritious meals.  This can be sorted in a jiffy and never be a serious chore ever again if you browse the sites of dedicated shopping reviewers and gift suppliers.  Ideas aplenty and all in one place.  Brilliant!