Treating Myself To New Homewares

I do really enjoy being able to go out and about visiting different towns and regions again.  After so long without such freedoms, it’s fantastic to go exploring.    It’s been great to be able to travel further afield and recently I explored one or two market towns in east anglia.  Gaining inspiration from the local museum and art gallery, I was really impressed with the range of smaller shops and outlets in a nearby market town with their wide range of very versatile shops wotj giftware and homewares aplenty.  I found plenty to amuse me and to my absolute joy I discovered a store that I’d heard much about some years ago and always hoped to visit . . . one day.  Well I did visit and it did not disappoint.  Masses of fantastic homewares for the picking.   I treated myself to a new range of cleaning items and to make it more thrilling, found some very attractive and colourful kitchenware in the domestic and homewares department.  This store was everything I remembered from my youth – acres of room, friendly staff and an incredible range of products.

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