Vagaries Of British Summer Enhances Online Shopping

There is something quite glorious about the British Summer – the fact that in different parts of the UK you can experience several different summers anyway  –  Wales is often very wet and has a greyness.  Scotland can be extremely hot if on the right side of the mountains and thus benefitting from the sweeping warm currents.  Mind you that does have the added hazard of midges – by the million.  The combination of warm damp air brings out the critters.

Then in England we have the south west with their balmy air and all the holiday thrills – moving around the coast the south east offers hours of sun, moving around the side and up to east anglia – much is said of the big wide skies – still and cloudless.  So perfection all round!  Just right for getting our shopping organised online. Who actually wants to be stomping around the shopping arcades or hypermarkets?